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Guest Article By Arthritis Digest – Blood test for fibromyalgia moves a step closer

Image credit: Kim Strømstad

Image credit: Kim Strømstad

New research from King’s College London could lead to a reliable blood test for fibromyalgia, experts claim.

The team will examine samples and measurements taken from 400 twin volunteers, in which one twin has chronic widespread pain. The samples will be compared with the DNA of the healthy twin to establish the differences and identify biomarkers in the DNA associated with the condition.

“Currently there’s no blood test for fibromyalgia, which makes diagnosis difficult,” explains Dr Frances Williams, lead researcher. “And treatment is limited, and in many cases unsatisfactory.

“Our research will help patients in two ways. First it’ll contribute to our understanding of how fibromyalgia – and other chronic pain syndromes such as irritable bowel syndrome – develop, and point to pain pathways which we may not have suspected.

“Secondly, we hope it’ll lead to identification of a biomarker which we could work into a blood test.

“As well as enabling the condition to be diagnosed more effectively, it could help to ‘stratify’ patients into groups depending on disease severity, which will help in clinical trials of potential new treatments. It might even help us predict how the condition will progress.”

Fibromyalgia is common pain syndrome that causes muscle and bone pain, fatigue and disturbed sleep. It has no obvious physical cause and is difficult to diagnose, treat and manage.

Dr Natalie Carter, head of research liaison at Arthritis Research UK comments:

“Fibromyalgia is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, partly because we know so little about why it occurs and how it progresses. Being able to diagnose it would be a major step forward, and understanding more about the influence of genetics will allow us to develop treatments specifically for people with fibromyalgia in the future.”

Source: Arthritis Digest magazine,

Product News: PainXit TENS Machine – pain relief at the click of a button!

Pain relieving device

PainXit TENS Machine

For the 10 million people in the UK who experience back, neck and muscle pain*, a simple and effective product is now available which can offer TENS machine pain relief, without the need for wires or sticky pads.

The PainXit TENS machine has just been launched in the UK by specialist online agent designed2enable. Clinically proven and 100 per cent natural, PainXit targets pain with a simple click of a button. Designed by the creator of the million selling PainGone Pen, PainXit is ideal for use by those with arthritis and weak hand function.


PainXit for pain relief

PainXit for pain relief

TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines are a popular pain relieving device which allow people to manage their pain. TENS activates the body’s own endorphins, which are the body’s natural defense against pain, relieving both chronic and acute pain.

The effects of pain on the UK economy are staggering. In 2013, 131 million working days were lost in the UK due to sickness, reported by the ONS (Office for National Statistics). The main cause for working days lost in 2013 was musculoskeletal conditions (such as back and neck pain), leading to 31 million days lost.

PainXit can be used for various types of pain, both chronic and acute:

  • Arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic neuropathy
  • Muscle pain, back and shoulder pain
  • Tennis elbow and knee pain
  • Lumbago and sciatica
  • Sports injuries and phantom limb pain
  • Post fracture pain and post-surgical recovery

Further information on PainXit can be found at 

* Royal College of General Practitioners – Birmingham Research Unit. Annual prevalence report 2006. -

Product News: Apres Body Dryer

Body Dryer 3

Apres Body, Warm Air Dryer

Drying your body after a shower or bath may be awkward to do, if you are disabled or unsteady on your feet.  The Apres Body Drier completely dries the body within a few minutes, with a gentle stream of warm air has been designed to remove the anxiety and physical struggle of drying yourself, turning it instead into a pleasurable experience.

With the Body Dryer, there is no need to dry yourself off with a towel; even the most awkward places are dried by the warm, gentle, air flow. This increases safety by reducing the risk of slipping or falling from awkward movements whilst towel drying, which benefits people with balance and mobility problems, arthritis, amputees and wheelchair users. It is also helpful for people with sensitive skin that becomes chaffed from conventional towel drying.

Positioned in the corner or on the wall of the shower, the dryer is designed to be installed inside your shower area and activated by pressing a pneumatic two speed push-button which can be located anywhere in the shower.  The pleasant warm air temperature, is set slightly above room temperature.

The Body Dryer features a full-body length air tube that dries you evenly from head to toes. The Body Dryer tube contains air openings, that gently and effectively create a blanket of swirling warm air to envelope and dry your entire body – front, back and sides – no matter which way you stand or sit or face.

You can find further information on the Apres Body Dryer HERE

Guest Article by Arthritis Digest – New Osteoarthritis Treatment?



Image credit: followtheseinstructions

Transplanting a person’s own fat cells could reduce the symptoms and heal some of the damage of osteoarthritis, says research published in Cell Transplantation.

A total of 1,114 people (average age 62 years, 53% male) with osteoarthritis received self-donated fat cell transplants and were followed for an average of 17 months. Before treatment and at three, six and 12 months, assessments were made of pain, non-steroid analgesic usage, limping, extent of joint movement and stiffness. Hip and knee joints were the most common joints treated and some patients had more than one joint treated.

“No serious side effects, systemic infection or cancer was associated with SVF cell therapy,” report the researchers. “Most patients improved gradually three to 12 months after treatment.”

At least a 75% score improvement was noticed in 63% of the volunteers. And after 12 months, at least a 50% score improvement was seen in 91% of the volunteers. Painkiller use declined dramatically after treatment.

Obesity and a higher grade of osteoarthritis were associated with slower healing.

“Autologous stromal vascular fraction cell therapy for degenerative osteoarthritis is safe, cost effective and clinically effective, and can lead to an improved quality of life,” the researchers conclude. “However, there is no guarantee that this cell therapy can lead to a definite cure for degenerative osteoarthritis. Future patients receiving SVF will need longer follow-up to answer questions about durability and long term safety of SVF cell therapy.”

Source: Arthritis Digest magazine,

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your Dad for Father’s Day, look no further! We have put together some stylish gift ideas that your Dad is bound to love.

Bosign Black mini laptray anti-slip

Bosign Black Mini Laptray

Bosign’s black mini anti-slip laptray is the perfect tray for your Dad to use to snack in front of the TV, a light breakfast in bed or for a drink, crossword and nibbles in the garden. The mini laptray’s handy size makes it easy to carry and store or to pack for a trip. The combination of the ergonomic grip handles, soft, adjustable cushion and well proportioned tray makes it suitable for any age. Read more HERE     Price £29.95


Blue Folding cork handle

Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick

Available in two height adjustable size options, Flexyfoot  is funky and has an incredibly comfortable cork handle for the folding walking stick. The smooth and breathable cork handle has been designed to feel more like a sporty hiking pole, whilst retaining the robust, weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane. Perfect for a Father’s Day afternoon stroll! Read more HERE  Price £36.00



Merino Wool Lifesocks

Treat your Dad to a pair of cosy merino wool Lifesocks. These beautifully designed merino wool socks from New Zealand are developed through years of research into podiatry health, using natural and bio-active fibers. LifeSocks promote healthy circulation and are ideal for diabetics. Read more HERE    Price £16.50



Radius Garden Hand Tool Set

Radius Hand Tools are beautifully built and ergonomically designed. If your Dad is a keen gardener, he will love these tools which are strong, lightweight and kind to the hands and wrists. These hand tools have easy grip handles which are designed to follow the curve of the palm to minimise stress on hands and wrists whilst creating more leverage. The gardening hand tools are suitable for any keen gardener and are ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists. Read more HERE  Price £34.95

Individual Radius tools are also available from £11.95. Read more HERE

Further information on all our products and to visit our website please click HERE

Happy Fathers Day!




Product News- Sabi ROAM Luxe Cane

Sabi ROAM Luxe Walking Cane contemporary black with stained wooden handle

Sabi ROAM Luxe walking cane

Whether it be a wedding, formal dinner or black tie occasion, a cocktail party or simply a stroll in the park, the Sabi ROAM Luxe Cane is an exceedingly handsome and stylish accessory that makes a bold statement.

The Luxe walking cane features a wide, hand-stained Baltic birch wood handle that is reassuring to hold and beautifies with age; the hand stained handle allows the colour and character of the wood to show through.

The single-piece, non-adjustable shaft made of high-strength aluminum; the same grade of aluminum used in bicycle frames. Super-durable and powder-painted, just like a bike, it offers a much more stable alternative to the adjustable walking stick.

The Sabi ROAM Luxe walking cane is now available on our website. You can read more HERE


Product News – Folding Walking Sticks by Classic Canes

Camel Check folding walking stick

Folding Camel Check Cane

Folding canes are a great solution for when you need to keep your walking stick to hand but also like to pop it away out of sight when it is not required.

Our new range of women’s folding sticks by Classic Canes are real fashion statements, designed to co-ordinate with many an outfit.  Lightweight, attractive and height adjustable, the folding canes can be stowed away discreetly when in a restaurant or on a plane and will fit neatly into your bag or glove box of your car for when you need it.

Multi Tartan folding walking stick

Multi Tartan folding cane

The traditional derby handle offers excellent support to the hand as it can slip neither forward or back and may be popped over your arm when not in use. The sides of the handle are rounded for comfort and the strong, aluminium shaft folds neatly into four sections.

Floral black folding walking stick

Floral black folding cane

The adjustable height of these canes make them a safe, stylish, considerate and affordable gift for family and friends.

You can see our full range of walking sticks here


Guest Blog – Arthritis Digest Report Latest Findings on Knee Surgery


Recovery after knee surgery at home could be as effective as rehab in hospital. Arthritis Digest reports

People who have knee replacement surgery may be able to recover just as well at home as they would by staying in a rehabilitation facility, according to research from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Data from over 2,400 people enrolled in the HSS Knee Replacement Registry was analysed. After surgery, some recovered at home while others went to inpatient rehab. The research focused on patients with similar characteristics when comparing those who went home versus those who went to inpatient rehab after surgery. They were matched by age, health conditions and pre-operative function.


Home-based patients received visits from physiotherapists for three days a week for four to six weeks, while those treated at the facility received physiotherapy six days a week and often stayed for 10 to 14 days.

There were no difference in complication rates within six months of knee replacement, regardless of whether patients went home or to an inpatient rehab facility after leaving the hospital. Both groups had similar outcomes in terms of pain and function two years after surgery.

The research therefore suggests that home-based treatment may be a more cost-effective option in many cases.


“There’s a common belief that people should go to a rehab facility after joint replacement,” explains Dr Douglas Padgett, who led the research. “Our study found that patients can be safely discharged to their home following knee replacement, dispelling the notion that rehabilitation at an inpatient facility is essential for a successful recovery.”

A spokesman for Arthritis Research UK comments:

“In the UK, post-operative exercise programmes vary from hospital to hospital. It’s very important that people who have had knee replacement surgery have access to a rehabilitation and exercise programme, as it’s been proven to have a big beneficial effect on their recovery.

“We’re currently investigating whether intensive post-operative physiotherapy can improve poor satisfaction rates following knee replacement surgery. Currently, outpatient physiotherapy is not routine; often patients are given a home exercise package, but there isn’t usually any supervised physiotherapy provided on the NHS. If targeted intensive physiotherapy is shown to work and made deliverable on the NHS, it could help a lot of people.”

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Product News – Muggi Drinks Carrier

Red Muggi & Black Mugs 72 dpi

Muggi Drinks Carrier

Muggi is a new and versatile drinks carrier which is useful for carrying a number of cups, glasses and small bottles at one time, without the fear of spills and breakages. This clever little invention is suitable for cups of all different shapes and sizes whilst the handle slots ensure that the cups sit securely.

Ideal for wheelchair users for positioning on your lap or for crutch and walking stick users to carry with a free hand. You even have room to sneak a few biscuits in, if you have a cup holder spare!


Blue Muggi With Beer 72dpi resized

Muggi Drinks Carrier

Whether you are relaxing in your garden, enjoying an outdoor occasion or needing to carry drinks safely around the home, Muggi can hold up to four mugs or glasses. It will catch any unwanted spillages and features four non slip feet with finger and thumb holds making it easy for young or old hands. Muggi is light and easy to carry but also strong and secure.

Muggi is a great design for sailing, camping, picnics, tea (or Pimms) in the garden, festivals and music events. Available in three fun colours:  Red, Purple or Blue.

Buy yours here


HEWI Accessible Bathroom Solutions

HEWI support rail 800

HEWI – Comfort to Care Range

A market leader in accessible bathroom solutions, HEWI’s stylish bathroom range sets high standards. The underlying idea of HEWI’s Comfort to Care solutions is to create products for people of all ages, ensuring comfort, convenience and accessibility for all.

HEWI is a German company that design and manufacture their own high quality hardware, sanitary and accessibility products. HEWI’s Comfort to Care solutions fit beautifully within our stylish accessible bathroom range, where many of the products fulfill the criteria of universal design.

950 HEWI Washbasin

HEWI Washbasin

The HEWI Washbasin is designed to be wheelchair accessible, whilst having an elegant appeal. The washbasin has a shelf and round basin with integrated hand holds on the sides, giving you extra safety and stability. The hand holds can also be used as towel holders.

950_51_02090_1 450 with Backrest for BC

HEWI Hinged Seat With Backrest

With it’s minimal, contemporary design, the wall hung HEWI Hinged Shower Seat With Backrest will fit beautifully into any modern bathroom. The surface of the seat is slip resistant, the seat is curved for user comfort whilst the seat edges have been rounded for safety.

More information on our HEWI products and our accessible bathroom range can be found HERE