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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

d2e Christmas 2017 red cane As we march towards another Christmas and the rush is on to find thoughtful gifts for friends, family and loved ones, we have put together our Top Ten list of thoughtful gift ideas and stocking fillers that will be a pleasure to give and to receive.

1) Bosign 2 in 1 Tablet and Neck

tablet and neck pillow cushion holiday flight car journeys At designed2enable we love a product that is multi-functional and so this thoughtfully designed, combo neck and tablet travel pillow, with its modern Scandinavian styling is right up our street!

Fashioned in a lovely salt and pepper grey, the fabric is soft and smooth to the touch. This travel pillow can be used at home when using your tablet but is equally handy on a flight, again for your tablet or when you want some shut-eye, to comfortably support your head and neck, whether you are sitting or lying down. You can read more HERE

2) Alaskan Husky Faux Fur Heated Cushion

heated luxury cushionThis beautifully soft heated cushion is so super snuggly that you’ll never want to leave the sofa. It takes just minutes to heat up and, if you need relief from aches and pains, the soft Intelliheat® heat pad can be removed from the cover to offer a more focussed heat.

Operated by the easy to use controller which has five temperature settings and auto shut-off for safety. Click HERE for more information.

3) Leather Blue Badge Disabled Parking Permit Holder and RADAR Key

Wallet for blue badge parking permit disability and RADAR disabled toilet key This leather blue badge wallet & matching leather RADAR key are made from soft and distressed Italian leather giving a distinctive vintage finish and the timeless appeal of premium quality.

Packaged in a specially designed presentation gift box. Click HERE for more information. The leather permit holder and RADAR KEY are also available to purchase individually.

4) Slate Grey Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw

slate grey hygge heated throw faux furBeautifully soft and wonderfully cosy, the deluxe heated throw in slate grey has a hygge inspired look and will keep you warm and snug throughout the cold winter.

With six heat settings, including a ‘ready to relax’ fast pre-heat setting, it also features auto-shut off after 1 or 9 hours, giving you peace of mind.You can then select from 1-5 to find your preferred continuous use temperature. It heats up in only 5 minutes thanks to Intelliheat Technology and is super energy efficient costing from as little as 1p to heat. Click HERE for more information.

5) LED Walking Stick / Cane Torch Light

torch light that attaches to walking stick cane Walking with a cane or stick at night is never easy, particularly if you are on uneven or unknown terrain. Finding your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and not wanting to wake others by turning on lights can also be challenging. This LED torch lamp fits neatly onto a walking stick to light the way for you, and is a great gadget for preventing falls.

When you press the top button, a powerful beam of down-light shines to light the way and the torch lamp will fit any cane with a diameter of 22 – 26 mm. Click HERE to read more.

6) Radius Garden Hand Tools

ergonomic gardening tools

Radius Hand Tools are beautifully built and ergonomically designed. These garden tools are strong, lightweight and kind to the hands and wrists.

These tools are incredibly light to hold and have easy grip handles which are designed to follow the curve of the palm to minimise stress on hands and wrists whilst creating more leverage. The gardening hand tools are suitable for any keen gardener and are ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists. Available individually or as a set – click HERE to read more.

7) Handybar Car Support Handle

bar that attaches to car door to provide support getting in and out of the carThis is a great stocking filler for anyone who struggles to get in and out of the car. Handybar is a strong and portable non-slip handle support. 

Simply slot Handybar in to the U shaped striker plate which is built in to the car door frame (where the door closes) of most cars.The U-shaped striker plate is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is designed to keep your vehicle door closed in the event of a side-impact collision. You can read more HERE

8) Muggi Drinks Carrier

handy drinks carrier camping, picnic, sailing, elderly, wheelchair usersMuggi makes a great gift for any sailors, campers, caravaners, wheelchair users, office workers – the list goes on. It is a new and safe way to carry hot or cold drinks, muggi is light and easy to carry but also strong and secure.

Whether you are relaxing in your garden, enjoying an outdoor occasion or needing to carry drinks safely around the home, Muggi can hold up to four mugs or glasses. It will catch any unwanted spillages and features four non slip feet with finger and thumb holds making it easy for young or old hands. You can read more HERE

9) Weekly Pill Box with Stylish Leather Case

weekly pill box organiser with leather holderErgonomic pill box with an exquisite leather storage sleeve that will keep your medication discreetly to hand.

These weekly pill boxes with their attractive soft leather storage sleeve  are ergonomically shaped with easy open lids for simple refilling. The weekly pill box features seven individual compartments and is available in purple, lake green, navy blue and burgundy. You can read more HERE

10) Golden Leopard and Snow Leopard Print Canes

leopard print canes walking sticksAnimal prints are a classic design that never seem to go out of fashion and these Leopard Print Derby Walking Sticks are no exception. The derby handle canes in two-tone golden-yellow/ silver-grey and black are stylish, fashionable and eye-catching.

Ideal for both day and evening wear. The supportive derby handle is comfortable to use and the cane can be adjusted to the user’s height. You can read more HERE

This is just a small selection of our stylish daily living products, for more inspiration for Christmas gifts visit our website

Product News – Folding Walking Sticks by Classic Canes

Camel Check folding walking stick

Folding Camel Check Cane

Folding canes are a great solution for when you need to keep your walking stick to hand but also like to pop it away out of sight when it is not required.

Our new range of women’s folding sticks by Classic Canes are real fashion statements, designed to co-ordinate with many an outfit.  Lightweight, attractive and height adjustable, the folding canes can be stowed away discreetly when in a restaurant or on a plane and will fit neatly into your bag or glove box of your car for when you need it.

Multi Tartan folding walking stick

Multi Tartan folding cane

The traditional derby handle offers excellent support to the hand as it can slip neither forward or back and may be popped over your arm when not in use. The sides of the handle are rounded for comfort and the strong, aluminium shaft folds neatly into four sections.

Floral black folding walking stick

Floral black folding cane

The adjustable height of these canes make them a safe, stylish, considerate and affordable gift for family and friends.

You can see our full range of walking sticks here


Product News – Muggi Drinks Carrier

Red Muggi & Black Mugs 72 dpi

Muggi Drinks Carrier

Muggi is a new and versatile drinks carrier which is useful for carrying a number of cups, glasses and small bottles at one time, without the fear of spills and breakages. This clever little invention is suitable for cups of all different shapes and sizes whilst the handle slots ensure that the cups sit securely.

Ideal for wheelchair users for positioning on your lap or for crutch and walking stick users to carry with a free hand. You even have room to sneak a few biscuits in, if you have a cup holder spare!


Blue Muggi With Beer 72dpi resized

Muggi Drinks Carrier

Whether you are relaxing in your garden, enjoying an outdoor occasion or needing to carry drinks safely around the home, Muggi can hold up to four mugs or glasses. It will catch any unwanted spillages and features four non slip feet with finger and thumb holds making it easy for young or old hands. Muggi is light and easy to carry but also strong and secure.

Muggi is a great design for sailing, camping, picnics, tea (or Pimms) in the garden, festivals and music events. Available in three fun colours:  Red, Purple or Blue.

Buy yours here


HEWI Accessible Bathroom Solutions

HEWI support rail 800

HEWI – Comfort to Care Range

A market leader in accessible bathroom solutions, HEWI’s stylish bathroom range sets high standards. The underlying idea of HEWI’s Comfort to Care solutions is to create products for people of all ages, ensuring comfort, convenience and accessibility for all.

HEWI is a German company that design and manufacture their own high quality hardware, sanitary and accessibility products. HEWI’s Comfort to Care solutions fit beautifully within our stylish accessible bathroom range, where many of the products fulfill the criteria of universal design.

950 HEWI Washbasin

HEWI Washbasin

The HEWI Washbasin is designed to be wheelchair accessible, whilst having an elegant appeal. The washbasin has a shelf and round basin with integrated hand holds on the sides, giving you extra safety and stability. The hand holds can also be used as towel holders.

950_51_02090_1 450 with Backrest for BC

HEWI Hinged Seat With Backrest

With it’s minimal, contemporary design, the wall hung HEWI Hinged Shower Seat With Backrest will fit beautifully into any modern bathroom. The surface of the seat is slip resistant, the seat is curved for user comfort whilst the seat edges have been rounded for safety.

More information on our HEWI products and our accessible bathroom range can be found HERE




Product News – Rollz Motion Rollator



We’re delighted with the response to the Rollz Motion Rollator, which seems to answer all your mobility questions in one simple device. This Dutch design rollator combines a lightweight wheelchair with a rollator mobility device. It’s got everything we look for in a mobility aid – design fit for function, simplicity, good aesthetics and mobility enhancing features that our customers love.

changelogo_Model 2013

So lets start with using the Rollz Motion as a walking aid. It’s got adjustable ergonomic hand grips, light steering and curb assistance, which means that small steps, curbs and door entries are easy to manoeuvre. Its stylish design and colour range (orange, ice-blue, purple and cool grey) makes a statement all by itself – a great mix of sophisticated and bold colours. It also looks solid and dependable and would give confidence to anyone using it, especially in a busy place.

The additional wheelchair package allows the Rollz Motion to convert quickly and easily into a lightweight wheelchair, complete with foot rests, and that same light responsive steering and easy manoeuvrability. It’s ideal for people who have limited mobility and need different options depending on the situation.

We sent a Rollz Motion to Blue Badge Style for reviewing and they had nothing but good to say about it. You can see their review video here.

Rollz Motion is available through our online store. Check out the Rollz Motion colour range, specifications and great design here.

Active Hands for Rehabilitation

Inimove Rehabilitation Device used with Active Hands Gripping Aid

Inimove device used with Active Hands Gripping Aid

Active Hands Gripping Aids are the perfect solution if you have limited grip or poor hand function, the gripping aids work beautifully with the Inimove rehabilitation device.  Active Hands enable you to hold the device; the glove straps around your hand in the gripped position giving you the ability to grip the device securely.

Inimove, is a rehabilitation device for stroke, brain injury and trauma and for ADHD. We recently trialled Inimove with the Queen Elizabeth Foundation, Brain Injury Centre, Banstead, Surrey. Carol Carr, Head of Physiotherapy at QEF, kindly wrote a testimonial for Inimove: Inimove Testimonial

Inimove Rehabilitation Training Devices

Inimove Rehabilitation Training Devices

Carol wrote a glowing testimonial for Inimove but felt that the grip for Inimove Complex and Complex Duo might not suit everyone.  She suggested that a moulded handle or a strap might help those with limited hand dexterity and we have found that Active Hands Gripping Aids are an ideal solution.  We have tested the Active Hands gloves with Inimove, which enable the user to strap the hand to the device, giving a stable hold and therefore allowing the user to gain the full benefit from the rehabilitation device.

Active Hands Gripping Aid

Active Hands Gripping Aid

Active hands, durable and versatile general purpose gripping aids, are also ideal for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about. Whether you’ve had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or have any condition which reduces your hand function, Active Hands gripping aids could unlock any number of activities for you:

  • Working out in the gym (e.g. holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
  • Playing on the Nintendo Wii
  • DIY at home (using a saw or hammer)
  • Holding a pool or snooker cue
  • Rowing or Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Holding a glass or bottle

You can find more information about Active Hands Gripping Aids HERE

Further information on Inimove training devices are available HERE










To Help Or Not To Help? – Offering Assistance To Someone Elderly or Disabled


My teenage daughter has grown up with a mother with a disability and is therefore always ready to help me when I am struggling or find a physical situation particularly challenging.  I guess she is tuned in to recognising when I need help.

I am always proud of her but particularly so recently.  We had parked outside our local farm shop and she had gone in to the shop on an errand to get a few provisions for me. She has been doing this since she was 5 years old and I always justified it by hoping that it taught her certain life skills such as responsibility,  listening to instructions and to watch that she gets the right change!

She took longer than usual and then an elderly lady who was stooped over and walking with the aid of two walking sticks, came out of the shop with her shopping, which was carried by a shop assistant.  When my daughter finally appeared, she got in the car, apologising for the delay and explained that she had done the shopping for the elderly lady. She had seen the lady trying to push a trolley whilst managing her walking sticks and she appeared to be struggling.  There were several adults in the shop and a two shop assistants but no-one had offered to assist her.  So my daughter put herself forward and offered her help, which was gladly taken.  The lady had been very grateful of her help and kept expressing her thanks by saying “Bless you”.  My daughter got huge satisfaction from being able to help her and to have made a difference to someone’s day.

This experience made us both wonder why people are hesitant to help someone that they can see may be struggling?  Perhaps people are apprehensive to offer to help in case, somehow, they offend the person? Perhaps they see it as an intrusion, or are awkward with disability or maybe people are just to busy and wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t even see it?

From my own perspective, I really appreciate it when someone offers to help me.  I am an independent wheelchair user and have to dismantle my wheelchair and then lift it across me onto the passenger seat when I want to go out in my car.  I do have a system for doing this, which can be tricky if people want to help but I am always very grateful for assistance when it comes to the final lift to get the frame across onto the other seat.

I have always found that people are really willing to help when I ask for assistance, which is usually when I am out shopping and I need help getting something from the top shelf.  Sometimes, I am offered help and may not really need it but accept it anyway as I don’t want to discourage them from offering help to someone who might really need it on another occasion.

So in future, if you see someone who might be in need of a little assistance, your offer of help may be appreciated. They can always decline but it is good to look out for others and you may get that feel-good feeling from knowing you have made a difference to someone else’s day.


By Katherine Pyne










Understanding Multiple Sclerosis medical images


MS is a complex disease and anyone who has been diagnosed or has a family member or friend with the condition will want to have a better insight into how it will affect them. Understanding any medical condition is always the first step forward in accepting the diagnosis. The next step is learning how to manage the condition and where to go to find support and information.

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK alone.  Multiple Sclerosis is the Latin name meaning ‘multiple scars’, which are otherwise known as plaques or lesions.  MS affects almost 3 times more women than men and it is normally diagnosed between the ages of 20 – 40 years, although it can affect younger and older people too.

MS is a condition of the central nervous system, causing damage to the nerve fibres which can cause a range of symptoms. In MS, the immune system which normally helps to fight off infections, mistakes the myelin, which is the coating around the nerve fibres, for a foreign body and attacks it. This damages the nerve fibres leaving the scars known as plaques or lesions.

This damage can disrupt messages along the nerve fibres and the resulting symptoms will depend upon which part of the central nervous system is affected.

MS is complex and symptoms vary and may affect vision, balance, bladder, bowel, speech and memory. It can also cause tingling, numbness, dizziness, fatigue, stiffness spasms and mood swings.

There are four different types of MS, each type affect the sufferer in a unique way:

-Relapsing-remitting MS which is the most common form where sufferers experience a period of active symptoms, followed by periods that are symptom free.

-Secondary Progressive MS:   Relapsing-remitting MS often develops into Secondary Progressive MS 10 – 15 years after initial diagnosis. Once diagnosed with secondary-progressive MS, people will notice a change in the pattern of their disease. While some acute attacks and periods of remission may still occur, they happen less frequently, recovery is less complete, and symptoms become chronic, gradually worsening over time

-Primary Progressive MS: The more serious form of the disease which gradually worsens over time.

-Progressive-relapsing MS:  The least common type of MS which like Primary Progressive MS is characterised by a gradual worsening over time but sufferers with this type of MS will also experience active attacks and remissions.

 Although as yet there is no cure for MS, medication can help to control the disease. Many people with MS find it useful to actively manage their heath with exercise, diet, meditation, managing their levels of stress and complimentary and alternative therapies.

MS Resources:

Charities, information and advice:

MS Society:


MS Trust:

Everyday Health:

The How What and Why of Multiple Sclerosis:


Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis:

Multiple Sclerosis – The Essential Guide:

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A journey to health and healing

Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies:


Guest Blog by Fiona Jarvis, Founder Of Blue Badge Style


Fiona Jarvis, founder of Blue Badge Style

There are so many people out there who have a disability, visible or otherwise, and desire better, easier access to style. I know this because I am one of them. I first realised I might have MS over twenty years ago, when I kept falling off my high-heels. People thought I was drunk – and that was the confusing thing, as I could well have been.

All these years later, a lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same. I may use a wheelchair these days but I still want to go out, eat somewhere stylish and, every now and then, get drunk again (nobody’s perfect). I know I’m not alone in this, but the problem for myself and others tends to be finding somewhere accessible to go.


I set up Blue Badge Style to bring together likeminded less able people and to show that design and disability never need to be mutually exclusive. In essence Blue Badge Style is an accessible lifestyle guide for the discerning less able and our aim is to ensure that wherever you go or whatever you do it is a positive, fashionable and elegant experience.

The Blue Badge Style site has already established a small community sharing information on how to access style. We unearth trendy mobility aids, we find out about the disabled facilities at cool venues and we try to highlight – in a positive way – where the ‘equal provisions of goods and services are unreasonably deficient’.

The disability equipment market was worth £1.46Bn and growing in 2008. In my opinion this a market that is being completely under-served, treated as patients rather than the discerning customers that we are. The majority of mobility products (present company excluded) are drab, clinical and normally grey. But there are alternatives out there (present company now included), where you can find stylish products. We find them and tell our community all about them.

We’re about getting information out into the open and another area we focus on is the hospitality industry. In 2013 AccessChamp research found that 92.1% of less able visitors seek information about access online, but only 16.8% felt that they can always get enough information. We wanted to change this and I think we have.

The first part of our solution was the BBS App, which helps people find nearby stylish and accessible locations. It’s a Michelin guide like collection of quality restaurants, bars and more, but with our very own BBS Three Tick System that takes into account accessibility, disabled facilities and ambience. We’ve reviewed over 800 venues and warmly accept reviews from anyone in our community.


We’re really proud of the app, but we didn’t stop there. We realised that, as much as our reviews can help outline accessibility in writing, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we have created Pictorial Access Descriptions (or PADs). PADs give a high-quality, pictorial journey through a venue, highlighting the disabled facilities in public areas and rooms, as well as any potential obstacles. It’s based on the idea that seeing for yourself is by far the easiest way to understand. And with that in mind, here’s a picture of how the PAD works.


I strongly feel that it’s currently too difficult for disabled people to get access to style. In 2014 this is frankly ridiculous. That’s why I set up Blue Badge Style to share positive information of accessibility and style with the disabled community. Things have come a long way since that day I kept toppling off my high-heels and I look forward to sharing a more stylish, accessible future!


designed2enable have been awarded the Three Ticks recommendation by Blue Badge Style.