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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

d2e Christmas 2017 red cane As we march towards another Christmas and the rush is on to find thoughtful gifts for friends, family and loved ones, we have put together our Top Ten list of thoughtful gift ideas and stocking fillers that will be a pleasure to give and to receive.

1) Bosign 2 in 1 Tablet and Neck

tablet and neck pillow cushion holiday flight car journeys At designed2enable we love a product that is multi-functional and so this thoughtfully designed, combo neck and tablet travel pillow, with its modern Scandinavian styling is right up our street!

Fashioned in a lovely salt and pepper grey, the fabric is soft and smooth to the touch. This travel pillow can be used at home when using your tablet but is equally handy on a flight, again for your tablet or when you want some shut-eye, to comfortably support your head and neck, whether you are sitting or lying down. You can read more HERE

2) Alaskan Husky Faux Fur Heated Cushion

heated luxury cushionThis beautifully soft heated cushion is so super snuggly that you’ll never want to leave the sofa. It takes just minutes to heat up and, if you need relief from aches and pains, the soft Intelliheat® heat pad can be removed from the cover to offer a more focussed heat.

Operated by the easy to use controller which has five temperature settings and auto shut-off for safety. Click HERE for more information.

3) Leather Blue Badge Disabled Parking Permit Holder and RADAR Key

Wallet for blue badge parking permit disability and RADAR disabled toilet key This leather blue badge wallet & matching leather RADAR key are made from soft and distressed Italian leather giving a distinctive vintage finish and the timeless appeal of premium quality.

Packaged in a specially designed presentation gift box. Click HERE for more information. The leather permit holder and RADAR KEY are also available to purchase individually.

4) Slate Grey Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw

slate grey hygge heated throw faux furBeautifully soft and wonderfully cosy, the deluxe heated throw in slate grey has a hygge inspired look and will keep you warm and snug throughout the cold winter.

With six heat settings, including a ‘ready to relax’ fast pre-heat setting, it also features auto-shut off after 1 or 9 hours, giving you peace of mind.You can then select from 1-5 to find your preferred continuous use temperature. It heats up in only 5 minutes thanks to Intelliheat Technology and is super energy efficient costing from as little as 1p to heat. Click HERE for more information.

5) LED Walking Stick / Cane Torch Light

torch light that attaches to walking stick cane Walking with a cane or stick at night is never easy, particularly if you are on uneven or unknown terrain. Finding your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and not wanting to wake others by turning on lights can also be challenging. This LED torch lamp fits neatly onto a walking stick to light the way for you, and is a great gadget for preventing falls.

When you press the top button, a powerful beam of down-light shines to light the way and the torch lamp will fit any cane with a diameter of 22 – 26 mm. Click HERE to read more.

6) Radius Garden Hand Tools

ergonomic gardening tools

Radius Hand Tools are beautifully built and ergonomically designed. These garden tools are strong, lightweight and kind to the hands and wrists.

These tools are incredibly light to hold and have easy grip handles which are designed to follow the curve of the palm to minimise stress on hands and wrists whilst creating more leverage. The gardening hand tools are suitable for any keen gardener and are ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists. Available individually or as a set – click HERE to read more.

7) Handybar Car Support Handle

bar that attaches to car door to provide support getting in and out of the carThis is a great stocking filler for anyone who struggles to get in and out of the car. Handybar is a strong and portable non-slip handle support. 

Simply slot Handybar in to the U shaped striker plate which is built in to the car door frame (where the door closes) of most cars.The U-shaped striker plate is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is designed to keep your vehicle door closed in the event of a side-impact collision. You can read more HERE

8) Muggi Drinks Carrier

handy drinks carrier camping, picnic, sailing, elderly, wheelchair usersMuggi makes a great gift for any sailors, campers, caravaners, wheelchair users, office workers – the list goes on. It is a new and safe way to carry hot or cold drinks, muggi is light and easy to carry but also strong and secure.

Whether you are relaxing in your garden, enjoying an outdoor occasion or needing to carry drinks safely around the home, Muggi can hold up to four mugs or glasses. It will catch any unwanted spillages and features four non slip feet with finger and thumb holds making it easy for young or old hands. You can read more HERE

9) Weekly Pill Box with Stylish Leather Case

weekly pill box organiser with leather holderErgonomic pill box with an exquisite leather storage sleeve that will keep your medication discreetly to hand.

These weekly pill boxes with their attractive soft leather storage sleeve  are ergonomically shaped with easy open lids for simple refilling. The weekly pill box features seven individual compartments and is available in purple, lake green, navy blue and burgundy. You can read more HERE

10) Golden Leopard and Snow Leopard Print Canes

leopard print canes walking sticksAnimal prints are a classic design that never seem to go out of fashion and these Leopard Print Derby Walking Sticks are no exception. The derby handle canes in two-tone golden-yellow/ silver-grey and black are stylish, fashionable and eye-catching.

Ideal for both day and evening wear. The supportive derby handle is comfortable to use and the cane can be adjusted to the user’s height. You can read more HERE

This is just a small selection of our stylish daily living products, for more inspiration for Christmas gifts visit our website designed2enable.co.uk

Our Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Our Christmas Gift List 2016

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Medical socks for tired legs

Top and Derby Compression Socks

Everybody loves a trendy pair of socks for Christmas and these modern compression socks look great and have the added bonus of keeping your legs feeling energised all day long. Our Top & Derby compression socks increase blood flow, help prevent swelling, varicose veins and relieve tired and aching legs. They would make a great gift for anyone who is on their feet all day, pregnant mums and the elderly. Also available in Black. Read more HERE


Decor Walther Bath Pillow

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath and a few candles at the end of a hard day, and the Decor Walther Bath Pillow is a great place to rest your head. The Decor Walther Bath Pillow is in keeping with any modern and contemporary bathroom and would make a luxurious gift for someone you love. The bath cushion comes with two suction cups to keep it in place and it is machine washable. Read more HERE



Staybowlizer is a silicone ring that acts as a third hand by suctioning onto a work surface, securing bowls of all shapes and sizes, whilst you mix and incorporate ingredients with your free hands. It can hold any bowl size in place, whilst you are mixing, beating and whipping up a favourite recipe. It will withstand high temperatures and can therefore be used to create a double boiler or bain-marie and makes a great trivet or hotplate. It is so versatile it can even be used to keep a dog bowl secure, preventing it from being chased around the kitchen by a hungry hound! You can read more HERE

Tarten and Camel folding walking stick

Folding walking sticks

Make a statement with one of these striking, folding derby canes. The shape of the handle offers excellent support to the hand and can be hooked over the arm when not in use. The sides of the handle are rounded for comfort and the strong and light aluminium shaft folds into four sections. Lightweight, attractive and height adjustable, these folding canes can be stowed away discreetly when they are not needed and the adjustable height option of these cane makes them a safe, stylish and considerate gift. You can read more HERE

heated luxury cushion

Alaskan Heated Cushion

This beautifully soft hygge inspired heated cushion is so super snuggly that you’ll never want to leave the sofa. It takes just minutes to heat up and, if you need relief from aches and pains, the soft Intelliheat® heat pad can be removed from the cover to offer a more intense heat. Operated by the easy to use controller which has five temperature settings and auto shut-off for safety. Matching heated throw is also available. Read more HERE


Radius Garden Hand Tools

Radius Hand Tools are beautifully built and ergonomically designed. These garden tools are strong, lightweight and kind to the hands and wrists. The easy grip handles are designed to follow the curve of the palm to minimise stress on hands and wrists whilst creating more leverage. They would make a great gift for any keen gardener and are ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands and wrists. Available as a set or individually. Read more HERE

Flexyfoot folding walking stick blue 1

Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick with Oval Handle

Ergonomic and comfortable to use, this folding walking is easy to transport when you are not needing to use it. But quite frankly, why would you not want to use it! The folding walking stick is available in two adjustable height options and has an oval handle for comfort. The Flexyfoot ferrule provides a safer grip through its innovative tread and flexible ‘bellows’. This means the rubber tip remains constantly in contact with the ground as you are moving, even if you are twisting or on wet, or uneven ground. Read more HERE

attractive shoe horns

Long Handled Shoe Horns

Ideal for anyone who finds it difficult putting their shoes on, these long handled attractive shoe horns would make a lovely gift. The hook handle means that it can be hung anywhere and never get lost. Available in three great colour options. Read more HERE


No Bend Pet Bowl

For someone who struggles to bend down, or are unsteady on their feet, the daily task of feeding a cat or dog can be challenging. This simple pet feeder could be the solution; the extendable and height adjustable handle allows you to select your ideal height, without needing to bend or kneel and reduces the risk of falls. No Bend Pet Bowl is dishwasher safe and the easy grip, twist and lock design of the handle allows it to be easily removed for cleaning and storing. No mess, no spilling, no fuss! Read more HERE

See our website for the full range of products, read more HERE

Thank you for reading and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!        


Christmas Gift Ideas



With Christmas fast approaching we have put together a collection of gifts that are perfect for friends and loved one who you may need to give a little extra thought and consideration to, to find interesting and useful presents. Take a look at our selection of thoughtful Christmas gifts.


Staybowlizer acts as a spare hand in the kitchen. It is a siicone ring that suctions to the work surface and holds bowls of all shapes and sizes, leaving your hands free for mixing and incorporating ingredients. It also doubles up as a bain marie. Read more HERE

keeps bowl stilll by securing to your worktop


Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a cosy Lavender Wheat Bottle?  Handmade in the UK, the cover is removable and to heat, just pop the inner bag in the microwave, replace the cover and then relax. You can read more HERE

Secret garden collection wheat bottle blue

These compact and stylish Folding Fashion Walking Sticks are available in a gorgeous selection of patterns and styles to co-ordinate with any outfit. They are height adjustable and would make a great present for any active user. You can read more HERE

Tarten and Camel folding walking stick

Our attractive Long Reach Shoe Horn would make a handy gift for anyone who has trouble bending and straining when putting on shoes and boots.  Read more HERE
Shoe Horn colours

Treat someone you love to a Bosign Mini-Laptray; the perfect tray to use to snack in front of the TV or for a light breakfast in bed. The combination of the ergonomic grip handles, soft adjustable cushion and well proportioned tray makes it a suitable for any age. You can read more HERE

Bosign Black mini laptray anti-slip

This Grabber Stick would make a great gift for anyone who has trouble reaching high cupboards or picking things up off the floor. Available in three attractive designs. Read more HERE

grabber_stick blue swallow

The new, funky and incredibly comfortable cork handled Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick is height adjustable, making it a really useful and practical Christmas gift for any active user. Read more HERE

Black Folding Cork handle

And last but not least, Muggi is a new and safe way to carry hot drinks.  It securely holds up to four mugs or glasses and will catch any spillages.  The thumb holds make it easy to carry for old or young hands.  It is particular handy if you use one hand for a walking stick or crutch. Wheelchair users can balance Muggi easily on their lap and is far safer than a tray, there is even room to smuggle in a few biscuits if there is a spare holder!.  You can read more HERE

Green Muggi Mugs

We have many more fun and interesting products on our website. Just click HERE to browse. Happy shopping!

Horatio’s Garden, Salisbury Spinal Unit

Horatio's garden image 3

Horatio’s garden

Following a horse-riding accident almost twenty years ago, which left me Paraplegic, I was admitted to Salisbury Spinal Unit where I spent seven months undergoing my rehabilitation.

I cannot fault the care that I received there but obviously it was an extremely difficult and traumatic time in my life.  One of the hardest things about being in a hospital unit for a long period is the lack of privacy.  I felt that there was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide when you just needed some time to yourself, unless you locked yourself into a bathroom, which I remember doing on many occasions.  My husband and I did find a small farm track at the back of the hospital that led to a farm gate overlooking a field, and we would sometimes escape there, but it was not somewhere that I would feel comfortable going to on my own, especially in the very heavy cumbersome Carters wheelchair that I was given for the duration of my stay.

At a recent visit to the spinal unit, I had the very great pleasure of visiting Horatio’s Garden, a beautiful and restorative garden that has been built within the grounds of the Spinal Unit for patients whilst they are resident at the hospital.  It is a place that offers a retreat and a sanctuary for patients and their family and friends, to get away from the institutional and sometimes claustrophobic environment of the wards. It is somewhere calm and beautiful to go when you need to find some personal space.

Horatio's garden image4

Horatio’s Garden was built to commemorate the life of Horatio Chapple, who was tragically killed by a polar bear on an expedition to the Arctic in 2011 at the age of just 17.  Horatio’s Father, David, was a spinal surgeon at Salisbury Hospital and Horatio regularly volunteered at the spinal unit during his school holidays.  Horatio and David came up with the idea for a garden and Horatio drew up a questionnaire to find out what the patients wanted.  After his death there was an outpouring of love, and goodwill and donations flooded in to create the garden – a fitting tribute and legacy to Horatio.

Horatio's Garden image2jpg

Horatio’s Garden was designed by Cleve West, winner of the Best in Show at Chelsea in 2011 and 2012. Cleve had experience of the spinal unit because his best friend had been a patient there.  Cleve used Horatio’s questionnaire as a starting point for designing the garden; he consulted the staff at the spinal unit and used a wheelchair and a hospital bed to get a patient’s perspective.  Horatio’s Garden was opened in September 2012.

Horatio's Garden image1

The Horatio’s Garden Charitable Trust is run by volunteers. The trust raises funds by selling beautifully considered gardening products and gifts through an on site shop. Local artists work with the trust to design and decorate the beautiful giftware items it sells, which helps to give the shop a unique identity. Regular events and activities for the patients take place within the garden. The trust hopes to eventually roll out Horatio’s Garden to other spinal units across the UK.

Horatio’s Garden is, quite simply, stunning.  It has a sense of peace and calm and offers a sanctuary for patients and their families.  A stone-wall in the shape of a spine runs across the middle of the garden, which has raised beds with tall scented willowy flowers, create quiet areas and privacy for the patients.  Birdsong throughout the garden lifts the spirit and the view out across the rolling hills calms the soul. I know that if I had had Horatio’s Garden available to me during my stay, it would have been my escape and my sanctuary.

You can find more information on Horatio’s Garden HERE.

Information on Horatio’s Garden giftware shop, for Christmas gift ideas and Christmas cards can be found HERE

By Katherine Pyne

Last minute for Christmas!

Just a week to go! Who have you forgotten? Who is impossible to buy for?

We’ve got gifts for all of those tricky people…order by Wednesday 18th December for Christmas delivery.

Stylish walking sticks from Sabi

Sabi ROAM Sport Canes

Sabi ROAM walking canes. For the stylish, well dressed walker. Colours to suit all wardrobes, eye colour or preference. Sturdy aluminium shaft, the SPORT canes come with a matte finish, these canes will take you to a cocktail party, on a winter sale shopping spree, or a stroll in the park with the dog.

THRIVE group shot 2

Sabi THRIVE Pill Boxes and Organisers

Sabi THRIVE pill boxes and organisers. This is a really useful present, for which you will get plenty of brownie points. Check the range out here – pill dispensers, organisers and crushers. They look good, are easy to use and will help anyone on a medication routine to have a better day.

And most of all have a very happy relaxing mobile Christmas!


Latest product news – Stylish THRIVE pill boxes

stylish pill boxes and organisers designed2enable is proud to announce it is now the  UK agent for the THRIVE range of pill boxes and organisers made by US company Sabi.

The design philosophy behind Sabi is very similar to our own – they believe that people’s imperfections are what make them beautiful and that intelligently designed products can help us embrace our vulnerabilities and feel happy about doing daily tasks that may have grown challenging or mundane. The Sabi pill boxes and organisers are designed with just that in mind – they make keeping track of and taking your daily vitamins and pills a pleasure, not a chore.

Check out the range here, and if you want to know more about the Sabi range of products drop us a line here



Get moving with Inimove

New for Christmas from designed2enable is the Danish designed Inimove.

Inimove-Complex-Duo-2-fine motor skills, fine motor skills activities, fun

Inimove Complex Duo

Inimove is a unique rehabilitation training device used to rehabilitate those suffering from injuries caused by stroke, brain damage, trauma, arthritis and people with ADHD. Using Inimove will improve cognitive ability, co-ordination and strengthen the muscles in the hands, arms and shoulders.

The device is made up of a series of stacked wooden discs – it looks like a quality child’s toy but requires a unique combination of fine motor skills and mental concentration to resolve. The unpredictable pattern of movement makes it challenging and motivating, and there’s the reward of a successful experience when the user brings the discs together.

Inimove comes in a range of difficulties available to enable the user to increase the complexity of the training as they improve.  It’s fun, challenging and suitable for all ages, and makes a great Christmas or birthday present. Inimove has been used with great results by the Queen Elizabeth Foundation at it’s Brain Injury Center in Surrey.

Inimove is typical of the products we specialise in: beautifully designed assistive products for the elderly, disabled and those needing a little extra help in life.  We look for new, innovative products with great aesthetic design as well as functionality. Inimove has all of these features and we’re delighted to be partnering with them as their UK supplier.

Cognitive-rehabilitation-home training-fun-motor skills

Inimove Cognitive

The Inimove range  is available through our online shop